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Visit Armenia-Noah's land

                                              Armenia (map )– the land  of  rich  3500  year-old  history,  the  mixture of ancient and modern, and  the  land of  exciting  



                                              Armenia,  Biblical  country  that  was  the  first  to  adopt Christianity  in  301 AD and according  to  the  Bible,  local  

                                              mythical  Mountain  Ararat  is  the resting  place  of  Noah’s Ark,  the  pieces  of  which  can  be  seen  in   the  holy  

                                              city   called   Echmiatsin.   One   of   the   world’s   ancient   countries   which   is   the  house  of   the    pre-Christian

                                              Garni  pagan  temple  built  in   76  AD  and  many  Christian  churches  stretching  through  the  whole  country  for  

                                              cultural   and   historical   tourism   lovers.


                                              One  of  the  most  famous  countries  housing some of  UNESCO  World  Heritage  sites  exiting  travelers  tours  to  

                                              Armenia   and   having   Diaspora    stretching  through   the   whole   globe.


                                              Armenia  has  the longest  8  km-long  ropeway called  the  Wings  of Tatev  stretching through  the  high  mountains,  

                                             rich   forests,   and   over   the   historical   monastery  called  Tatev   built  in   9-th century.


                                             Unique country proud of their cuisine, wine and cognac, traditional unique flatbread called lavash, rich fruits especially

                                             world-known apricot,  5th century alphabet and of course with its map of Armenia looking like the  “head of a woman”.


                                            Armenia has special resorts for biking, hiking and trekking, paragliding, mountaineering, ski sports, snowboarding, rock

                                            climbing,  and  many  other  sport  types  worth  for  adventurers  planning  tours  to   Armenia.


                                            And at last, city of modernity, Yerevan, the capital city of Armenia, is  the crossroad of the old and new attracts youth

                                            and   elders   by   its   history,   buildings,   fountain   games,   summer  nights,  and   hospitable   people.


                                           Armenia  has famousness in the whole world by the inventors, singers, composers, artists, actors and painters that you

                                           don’t   even   know   that   they   are   Armenians ,  follow   us   to   the   list    below   to   recognize   some   of   them.


                                                                 Raymond Damadian - Inventor of Magnetic Resonance Imaging Machine

                                                                 Luther Simjian – Inventor of ultrasound and author to more than 200 other inventions

                                                                 Victor Hambardzumyan – Scientist, one of the founders of theoretical astrophysics

                                                                 Cher (Cherliyn Sarkisian) – singer, actress, entertainer

                                                                 Krzysztof Penderecki – Composer and conductor

                                                                 Arthur Bulbulian – Inventor of oxygen mask

                                                                 System Of A Down – Rock band

                                                                 Jivan Gasparyan – Duduk player, composer

                                                                 Charles Aznavour – Singer, songwriter, actor, public activist and diplomat

                                                                 Levon Aronyan – Chess grandmaster

                                                                 Arthur Abraham – Proffessional boxer

                                                                 Alexis Ohanian – Interpleneur co-founder of Reddit

                                                                 Oscar H. Banker (Asatour Saratian) – Inventor of automatic transmission

                                                                 Emik Avakian – Inventor of motorized wheelchair

                                                                 Hovhannes Adamian – Pioneer of color TV

                                                                 Atom Egoyan – Stage and film director

                                                                 Sergei Parajanov – Film director and artist

                                                                 Christopher Ter Serobyan – Inventor of the dollar paint

                                                                 Kirk Kerkorian – Real estate and movie studio mogul philanthropist