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Best hotel deals in Yerevan by Sochi Palace


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4th hour free

Small Sauna Hall – 10000 AMD – 1 hour Minimum stay: 2 hours

VIP Sauna Hall -15000 AMD-1 hour Minimum stay: 2 hours

Special offer:

Enjoy your relax time in one of our luxury Sauna halls for 3 hours and get  the chance to spend 1 more hour free. 

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20 % զեղչ ցերեկվա ժամերին

Great chance to enjoy our saunаs with 20% discount till 17:00

Small Sauna Hall – 8000 AMD instead of 10 000 AMD  Minimum stay: 2 hours

VIP Sauna Hall -12 000 AMD instead of 15 000 AMD Minimum stay: 2 hours

Special offer on  birthday

  • If you plan to stay at our hotel on your birthday it would be our pleasure to organise something  for your  special  day on our part. Please let us know by booking so we  can prepare your birthday cake, and moreover   you'll  get 15%  discount on any room rate for overnight.
  • If you plan to organise your special-day-event/party in our restaurant or show club sauna you'll get one-night-stay roomcomplimentary.


Pick your favourite color

One of the best features of Sochi Palace hotel in Yerevan is that it has different colored rooms to offer its guests so that they have the great chance to stay in their favorite colored room. So you can pick your favorite colored bedroom from room section, in case it's missing you get 20% discount on any room rates. 

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Family fun

family fun

We offer parents 25% discount on Deluxe Two-Bedroom Suite rates and city tour to local attractions. We’re ready to provide better rates and conditions for family-friendly activities and events. You’ll love enjoying all that Sochi Palace hotel in Yerevan has to offer because we are the very place to live and visit! 

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Special offer for women

We praise our female guests  every  day,  You  love to  trip  new restaurants   to   try   and   cultural   activities   to    enjoy.

We offer: 

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Airport transfer

We provide free airport shuttle to hotel and  back  if  you book direct with  us.

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